Review – The Good and Bad for 2022

The best way to judge the reputation of an online service provider (OSP) is to assess its popularity among actual users rather than influencers, who can easily be biased. This doesn’t necessarily mean looking at sales numbers, which could be higher because of discounts and limited-time deals; it means seeing how many people recommend the provider or have nothing but great things to say about it.

Good Points

Domain is a massive domain registrar, with over 10 million domains in existence and more being added daily. The company has low cost, great customer service, industry leading technical support, and market value that seems to be increasing year after year despite all of its recent troubles. They are a household name in the world of web development (especially because of their work with WordPress) so people trust them immediately when it comes to picking a domain name for their business or website.
Domain is headquartered in New Zealand and can boast being one of only two major registrars to have been around since before 1995. In fact, Domain has been around for over two decades, longer than most other domain name providers out there today. They’re also located at 123 High Street, Auckland 1010, which makes them very easy to reach if you need to pick up a phone and call them—or just pop by if you’re passing through Auckland on your next vacation!

Things That Could Be Improved

It’s common for a customer to get stuck when trying to manage an account or move data over from another service provider. While domain transfers are common, it shouldn’t be difficult to create a new hosting account or make changes like updating DNS records, redirecting sites, or finding older invoices in their system. For example, if they don’t have native billing integration with a major payment processor like PayPal (to charge people credit cards directly from your site) that could be a drawback.

Tips on Selecting a Domain Name Registrar

If you plan to build a company website, it’s imperative that you secure your business name as soon as possible; in some cases, waiting too long can spell disaster. Thankfully, there are many domain registrars ready to help you with your web hosting needs! To start finding one, do your research—and find one that best suits your future business needs.

Decide which type of domain name you need: After choosing a registrar, you’ll have to decide which kind of domain name to register—if it’s already taken by another company, is there a similar variation available?

Decide how much time you have to register your domain: Domain names typically expire after a certain period of time; in some cases, it’s possible to renew or transfer domains that are expired before they go back up for sale. Because of that, you should decide how much time you have available to register your domain name—because if someone else gets there first, you’re out of luck!


For those looking to establish a presence on a website, web hosting is one of first items needed in addition to a domain name. Though it is possible to get by without web hosting, there are clear advantages when opting for an internet hosting service over just relying on your own server or renting one from another provider. For starters, having everything handled at once through one provider simplifies management of everything from updates to security measures.

Many domain name registrars, such as GoDaddy, offer several options of hosting services to fit any budget. Domain name providers have packages that include unlimited storage space and bandwidth so you won’t have to worry about how much data is being served or transfer it in future years—though some packages are more generous than others are in these respects.

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