I page hosting: Pros, cons, and whether it’s right for your website

I page hosting has become an increasingly popular option in the world of web hosting, with more and more websites choosing this option over a traditional server solution. But while I page hosting offers significant benefits compared to its server-based counterpart, the service doesn’t come without its downsides, and it may not be right for your website. Before you decide whether I page hosting is right for you and your business, here are some pros and cons of this popular method of web hosting that you should consider.

What is Ipage?

iPage is a popular web-hosting company that provides shared web hosting to small businesses. It has been around since 1998 and currently hosts 2 million domains. Customers can pay $2.95 per month to host their site on iPage or can upgrade to a more expensive package with more storage or add-on features like email delivery monitoring. If you’re just getting started with building a website, iPage should be at least one of several potential solutions you look into—if not your first choice because of its reasonable price tag.

What are its advantages for my business/website?

Perhaps best of all, I Page has virtually no uptime issues. According to a recent review by Site5–which is also an I Page hoster–the average uptime for I Page-based sites is 99.7 percent, with most websites going months without encountering any kind of down time at all. That kind of reliability can help give you confidence when sending people to your site that it will be working properly when they get there. That said, like many hosting options out there today, there are multiple hosts available within I Page–with different rates and levels of support–so be sure to choose wisely based on how much time you’re likely to spend managing your own website in future years.

What are its disadvantages/disadvantages?

For every advantage there is a disadvantage. So let’s look at what I page has to offer first. First of all, iPage offers unlimited storage space, no matter how big or small you grow your site. On other web hosts you are limited to a certain amount of storage space until you upgrade or buy more. Also with iPage you get a free domain name when signing up (which is not always true). And lastly they have some nice templates that can be used on their webpage builder if wanted by customer. With all of these advantages one might think that switching would be simple. However not so fast!

Whether is it really good enough to host websites like Facebook, Google etc.

A bunch of such sites host their websites with I-page. The main advantage is that you can get a dedicated server at very low cost compared to other providers. The main disadvantage is that its support team isn’t so good as most of them are based in India. So if you want to host your site with a provider who provides 24/7 support then you should probably look some where else. If however you’re not too particular about supporting staff, then I-Page would be a good choice as they have cheap prices and they also provide quality services.

Final thoughts on iPage.

Overall, iPage is a decent option for someone looking to start a new site or transfer their existing one. It has a variety of features and services that most users would be able to use without much trouble (like unlimited domains), which make it appealing. The fact that they offer domain privacy at no extra cost is also nice. However, iPage isn’t quite as sturdy as some other web hosts out there. Their customer service could use some work too–it doesn’t seem like they really care about each client individually. If you’re not using lots of bandwidth or storage space, though—and if you aren’t planning on doing anything fancy with your site—this probably won’t be an issue.

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