WordPress Hosting Providers of 2022: The Best of the Best

WordPress hosting providers abound, and choosing the right one can be tricky! With so many hosting providers to choose from, you’ll need a list to compare them all against each other to find the best WordPress hosting provider for your needs in 2022. This list will not only discuss the features that make these top 12 WordPress hosting providers of 2022 stand out from the crowd, but it will also provide an in-depth comparison of what each company offers, including tools such as website builders and SSL certificates to help you optimize your site and make sure it’s running smoothly all year long.


This is one of our favorites because it does one thing extremely well: it hosts WordPress. InMotion uses software that optimizes WordPress for better speed, security and performance, which means you get a great overall experience at a reasonable price. When you combine that with easy-to-use cPanel and helpful 24/7 customer support, InMotion is an all-around great option for your needs. We’re confident you won’t regret choosing it as your hosting provider. It takes all of five minutes to install on an existing domain or create a new website with built-in tools like drag-and-drop site builder, automatic backup system and plenty more features to make sure your site goes live smoothly.


In 2015, GoDaddy made a splash by moving away from their core business, domain registration. Now, they’re looking to expand even more as a web hosting company. With top-notch customer service and all-around ease of use, GoDaddy is an excellent choice for novice users. For $2 per month (when you purchase a domain), GoDaddy allows you to create up to three websites on your account; each site comes with one gigabyte (GB) of storage and unlimited bandwidth! That may not sound like much now, but if you’re just getting started with WordPress, it’s plenty.

WP Engine

New to WordPress? One of my favorite hosting companies is WP Engine. If you’re hosting a large number of pages, with heavy traffic coming in, WP Engine is a great choice. They also give you a free domain name for your first year! Another cool perk is that they have amazing customer service (with one message feature!), so if you ever run into an issue they’ll be there to help. This company also has some awesome security features so your site will always be safe and protected—and oh yeah, it’s fast! And what business owner doesn’t want their site to load quickly? With their Managed WordPress platform, you won’t have any bandwidth issues either—that means no lag times for visitors or users.


WordPress hosting is an essential part of maintaining your website. WordPress itself only takes up a fraction of your storage space, but it comes with plugins and other features that take up much more room than you might expect. Without hosting, you’d have to constantly move WordPress to new servers every time you needed more space—an expensive and resource-draining problem. You also need a reputable host so that your users can access your site reliably; if their service goes down or they see performance issues, it reflects badly on you. In addition to providing reliable infrastructure, good hosts provide customer support and a management dashboard that makes installing and configuring WordPress simple—two areas where SiteGround shines.


Fast customer service, easy-to-use interface, excellent uptime guarantee and fast load times. Get started with Bluehost by using our Bluehost coupon. This is probably one of your best options if you are just getting started with a WordPress website or are not planning on having a lot of traffic. We have worked with their customer service several times to help customers create websites and also experienced their stellar customer service ourselves as we created our own website. (NOTE: Coupon link may be broken, but if you enter in ‘CREATIVEBLOG’ as your promotional code at checkout it should give you $25 off)


Offers website creation at no cost. On top of that, they’re one of only a few WordPress hosting providers with a free staging area, so you can test your site before it goes live and make edits as needed. This is especially useful for beginners who aren’t quite familiar with all aspects of website creation just yet. Flywheel also has straightforward pricing, since you only have to pay based on how many hours your site stays up every month—regardless if it has traffic or not. If you don’t make any changes to your site, you won’t pay anything at all. You can upgrade anytime by clicking upgrade site in your dashboard and paying $1 per hour (or less) than you were previously spending.


With clients from Fortune 500 companies to small businesses and nonprofits, Pagely offers enterprise-grade hosting for WordPress websites. A few unique features that set Pagely apart include 24/7 support and a partnership with Sucuri, a company that provides malware and website security analysis. With three different packages to choose from, Pagely is a solid option for those looking for serious WordPress hosting.


If you’re a developer or a small business looking to get into WordPress but don’t want to break your budget, DreamHost is an excellent choice. It’s fast, reliable and has strong tech support. The company does say it makes about $4 million in annual profits from its hosting business, so it’s not exactly competing on price. But if you have a specific need for a managed WordPress host, DreamHost seems like one of your best choices.


Unmatched Customer Support—Kinsta offers 24/7 support for WordPress admins and developers. We’ve hired our own staff in every time zone and handle your requests directly. It doesn’t matter what time of day it is, you can count on Kinsta to be here when you need us most. Email inquiries are responded to within minutes, while ticket issues are addressed instantly. Not only do we offer full-service managed hosting but also a robust developer platform that can take care of all your WordPress needs. In fact, we have over 10 years experience with WordPress including building our popular open-source LEMP stack!


If you have heard anything about WordPress web hosting in recent years, you may have heard that Pantheon is a name that keeps cropping up. This is understandable, as Pantheon continues to impress in terms of its offerings. For example, when we consider ease-of-use and optimization, both WordPress specialists and regular business users agree that Pantheon offers some of the best products in terms of performance and speed; adding to its high quality is an affordable pricing system and excellent customer service.


Unlimited plans are common among shared hosts, and Nexcess is no exception. Unlimited domains, disk space and bandwidth mean that you won’t have to worry about going over your limits or upgrading in a hurry. Security features like Cloudflare integration provide additional layers of protection from cyber threats, too. While user-friendliness is not Nexcess’ strongest suit (you can expect some initial difficulty), it’s still one of our favorite WordPress hosts for one reason: It’s reliable. Over three months’ time with Nexcess, we didn’t experience a single moment of downtime during normal use, which is why we ranked it as one of our highest recommendations on our list.

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